Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Called Her Again

She was walking down the corridor, when I called her name.
The night had not fallen yet but it was a dark and gloomy sky.
She was confused and yet amused,
Who is this who called me here?
Did I pass a face familiar?
She looked back but she didn't understand.
I walked up to her and I said Hi.
Do you remember me from the days gone by?

She sighed and she said;
"I have memories of you,
and I do have a sense of deja-vu.
But i cannot recollect who you are,
its must've been a long-long time,
many years must have passed by."
It started to rain as we spoke to each other.
Our words were concealed in the mystic thunder.

And at the end of it I said good bye to her;
"It was nice to see you once again.
I wish I had made better decisions back then.
Though life is not so bad without you
but I still loom back into the past
and wish that I did things that I was suppose to do."
She smiled and looked out the window
at the raindrops falling from the sky.

As the night passed by and she sat by my side,
Was this the moment? I had to decide.
Words were suddenly hard to come by as I began,
They were so unkind to me yet again.
Then she said, "I have to go."
For the rain has stopped now and the sky is bare.
Unbelievable I said to myself and laughed at my despair,
As I saw her walking down the lane,

I stood still and then...
I called her again.


arvind 11:39 PM  

wow this is a new departure for gman...i like it, very artistic..."mystic thunder" - hmm, not bad...though i do miss the dialogues and dry humour... :)

gman's biggest fan,

gman 3:13 PM  

thanks :)

George 3:31 PM  

It's really amazing...

Giving all credits to gman...

Waiting for another gorgeous poetic touch.....

gman fan

tripti 10:54 AM  

hey...Nice..picturesque..Xpression...""was jus chkng out d blogs..nd landed dwn in not supposd 2 comment like dis but ur poetry made me do so..""!!!

gau mau 1:53 PM  

i hope tripti will be a regular on the blog now. when gman read the comment by tripti all he could do was blush and chuckle... damn he is such a loser.

arvind 2:31 PM  

two things...first, tripti, why are you not supposed to comment 'like dis' on gman's blog? second - wow gman, you ARE a loser! I thought he would be getting comments like that from girls all the time :)

tripti 8:23 PM  

O..Oh...i never knew dat my comment would TAg...gman a ""LOOSER!! i feel gau mau needs 2 redefine..d term "LOOSER... 2 me nathng mentioned by him proves gman 2 b a looser in any sense....

gman 11:51 PM  

thanks tripti!
I guess for gau mau, life is nothing more than just having fun.

gau mau 7:31 AM  

Well tripti all i can say to you is that you should meet gman and you'll know what i mean.