Wednesday, March 03, 2010


As my stay in Japan draws to an end, I think I'll pen down a few final thoughts about Japan. Two years of my precious life went by in this weird country but it was fun being here in Japan. So, here are a few of the interesting and weird things about Japan that made me say huh!!

1. The Raw and Crazy Seafood

Sushi and Shashimi is for the beginners. I am talking about really crazy stuff here. Live octopus, live fish, fish eggs, raw beef and raw chicken. If your are about to puke already then fearnot they eat some normal stuff too such as soy beans, plums, squids, eels. Having said that, most Japanese food is pretty yummy.

2. Bizarre-o-TV

I think even if you understand the language, you may well not understand the shows. They are so bizarre and so unreal. The studios look like a .... well there are no parallels. Just imagine a small room with pink walls, stars and balloons hanging everywhere, card-board cut outs of Hentai girls and a bunch of people sitting on sofa chatting about some meaningless stuff. To make things even worse, more than half of the TV screen is covered with Japanese script and a satellite image of the street reporter, who is in a market place taking public opinion over the most mundane subject.

3. Golf-mania

It's true. I don't know about any other country but in Japan as the weekend approaches you can see them practicing their shots in offices, in swimming pools, in restaurants … I mean everywhere.

4. Comic books

Japanese of all ages and particularly the adults read comic books a lot. Most of these Manga books are Hentai and some of them are written exclusively for adult audience. There is a special section (center pages) in all these comic books which contains semi nude pictures of women. At any given time during the day you can see Japanese men checking out these middle pages in the departmental stores.

And yeah one more thing... Japanese guys read these manga books and stare at the semi-nude (topless) pictures of women even in trains.

5. "L" and "R"

Let me start this in defense of the Japanese. You see Japanese people don't have the "L" sound in their language. So when they speak any other language they substitute the "L" sound to its closest relative i.e. the "R"sound. Having said that, it's pretty funny to hear Japanese English speaker make this classic mistake.

So, Quickly becomes Quickry, English becomes Engrish.
Imagine a Japanese boy proposing to a girl in English - "I Rabu you" LOL!!

(they also don't have the "V" sound)