Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Days in the sun

Those days in DCE were filled with joy and fun. I think all of us back then never realised that. We complained about facilities, professors and what not. I guess those things were true or may be not but it doesn't matter anymore.

We were a bunch of 30 people who had landed up with Production Engineering, not by choice. A cource that catered to no particular industry, no specifics, no details. Yet we were all chilled out with no plans and a lot of dreams.

DCE taught me a lot. If I were to start counting them...

1. Rock music is the only form of music. Everything else is nonsense.
2. Head Banging is the only form of dance that exists in this world, you can jump occasionally.
3. If you start preparing for exams well in advance, you will pass with grace marks and if you study on the night of your exams, you will pass with grace marks.
4. Gender ratio in DCE sucks.
5. If the professor is late for class, it means mass-bunk.
6. You must have opinions, even if its on your shirt that says "I don't care".
7. Choice is the man's biggest enemy.
8. Love at first sight exists.

And then things took a little turn, due to a reasonably good economic year, we got jobs. To begin with, it appeared that this was something that i always wanted, specially after the first pay. But soon job life started to teach me something more...

1. First two lessons of DCE still hold true.
2. Gender ratio in work place has not reversed.
3. The evening sky looks beautiful if you don't see it 6 days in a week.
4. If you wake up late on a holiday, you've lost your half holiday.
5. If you prepare for a big meeting it'll be useless and if you don't you'll be useless.
6. Ask for more data if you don't want to give an opinion.
7. Choices still exist and is still the worst enemy.
8. Love... hah!!