Saturday, May 24, 2008

Business of Life

This is a fast paced world. Believe it or not all of us have a desire to be amongst the leaders and to get noticed. And I am no better, than all of you who are reading.

I am always in a hurry and always late. I have a convenient mode of transport, my Alto. Over a period of time my Alto has experienced the heat of my haste. Once the bumper on the back got damaged because I was getting late to go somewhere and did not carefully take it out from the parking area. The headlight has been broken once because once at a traffic-jam very close to my destination, I lost my patience and banged it into a truck. And craziest of all was once again in a traffic jam, there was some space between two lanes and I thought I can squeeze into that space and get right ahead, I ended up scratching my car with 10 other cars on the way, both sides. That day I somehow managed to save my life. Everybody was furious and almost ready to pound on me just waiting for someone to start. It didn't happen.

Although, now I drive more sanely now and I got my car repaired and right now I am pretty sure that I will not try that squeeze act again. After all it's a car not Mr. Fantastic. Not only just me but all of us are in some way or the other alike, rushing here and there, always in a hurry, always panicking, always late. We are not maniacs, are we? No, we are just simple people who take up more than what we can handle. We want to do everything in life, which is good, but at what cost?
There is a trade-off here that I must identify in the business of life. We sell our life today to buy our life for tomorrow, which never comes. 

I recently read something that gave an insight to this business we called life.

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?" 
(Mark 8:36: Bible)

Think about it. It changed my life.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birth of a Super-Hero

This is the tale of a simple boy called G and how he became the Gman:

G: I was sleeping last night and all of a sudden I fell down from my bed and now I have a huge bump on my head.
Dcat: Oh that's awesome. I think that might have given you some superpowers as well.
G: You think I am stupid?
Dcat: No, You think you are stupid and I just agree with you.
G: On second thoughts, I think, I did get some superpowers.
Dcat: I told you so, tell me what you've got?
G: I can listen to people's thoughts.
Dcat: Can you listen to my thoughts right now.
G: Yeah it seems you want coffee.
Dcat: Yeah, and just 2 spoons of sugar.
Gman (to the rescue): Ok

Later that evening.

Vanny: Do you know what I am thinking right now?
Gman: Yeah, call paddy for that.