Friday, September 23, 2011

September Babies

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Why Grass is Greener on The Other Side ;)

Thursday, September 01, 2011

If only I was your english teacher!

I am trying to attempt to fuse some circuits for my English loving desi friends in this blog post. Do try this at home.. he he he...

Nao!! let us begin...

Yes it iz, right next door to the place we live you peepal of Gurgaon... haven't you seen the sign boards. Pahadi wala rasta. And so is Okhlahoma .. Didn't know Amreeka was right next doors... after all searching se God's secret location also finding, then this is only Amreeka no?? :)

Long upon a time there used to be the Nirulas and it was in CP and peepals were crazy about it. One of my uncle used to be a waiter there and he use to bring not only foods laik the Peetzaz and the marconis but also drings laik coca cola and gold spot and what not... ya seriously... it is a true. Then the glory of Nirulas vanished as the globalization dawned upon us. And thus came the MacDonalds!!!111! Be leave me - They just offered one type of food - The Buggers and we all were like waaahhh!!! mouth watering no??

Deewani!!1 thodi aag hai toda sa pani.. ok ok these are some stolen words from some non sense hindi cheepo song... but anyway.. today-tomorrow peepals are laik running behind "Desainrz clothing". I meen when I was laik in college, which was laik 10 years ago only, I was laik on the 9th floor of a cloud if I bot T-shirt and jeans from Peter Ingland and shoes from Nikky or Rebook.. but now I see peepals wanting hi fi stuff laik Jawani shirts and Lee Kapoor shoes. Waahhh!! but figure out what Jawani iz before you pop out your 'aaeez'

To be hawnest the true source for this one are my Japaaneez friendz. U see, they don't have the "TI" sound and the next closet substitute for that sound i.e. "CHI". So this is what the Japaaneez teech 2 thier peupils in schools (GK claas)... Chirren!!!11 What carz are most popular in India?? All chirren (unanimously erupting) - MAAROOCHEE!!! <good good>. Of corz Amreeki and Yoropian carz are not that good too we have like Frauds from US and Renu from Idli. You know.. what?? TATA for now. more coming soon ..may be.. :)