Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Japan Little

Japan is a little country made of 4 little islands inhabited by little people that have little eyes. They live in little houses that have little cabinets for their little clothes and their little shoes. They sleep on little beds in night and they drive little cars in the morning. They work in little offices and eat food packed in little boxes. They are happy in their own little world and give little thought about the world outside.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hear the Sounds of Silence

And In the naked light I saw,
Ten thousand people may be more,
People talking without speaking,
People hearing without listening,
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence

Ever been with a friend who was going through a rough patch, may be lost someone he loved, you asked him how is he feeling and he said that he is fine. But you could just tell the truth by looking into his eyes? Ever trembled when your dad looked at you in anger and preferred that he yelled at you instead? Ever wondered who teaches a new born baby how to tell his parents whether he is good or whether he needs their attention? Ever wondered why we all laugh the same way, cry the same way. Our anger, hatred, jealousy, confusion, anxiety, sorrow and thousands of other emotions are expressed in the same way - across the globe?

I am sure that you wouldn't be surprised to know that almost 90% of human conversation is non-verbal.

My grandmother once told me that Akbar-the-great believed that Arabic was a divine language and if a new born baby was kept in solitude he would end up learning Arabic on his own because it comes from up above. So he did an experiment. He took a new born child, kept him in isolation for many years, no human contact - only to discover that Arabic was not the language that God's speak. But I am sure that that child would've still known how to cry and laugh. Something that Akbar overlooked.

I am sure that if there was a common language in the pre-tower-of-babel-era it was a language without sounds. Nobody had to learn it, people were simply born with it. A language so refined, pure and perfect no wonder it hasn't changed over the centuries. This sound of non-spoken words is much more louder than a scream. Shh.. can you hear it?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Prophecy

The global economy is in a horrible shape. This is no longer a news to anyone, anymore. Everyone is making predictions about the future. So will I. Here is my take on the future -

Do you remember those sci-fi movies where the protagonist suddenly realizes the truth, or wakes up from a coma or is enlightened suddenly about the reality in some way or the other only to find out that the world, as he knew it, does not exist anymore. There was some event that lead to a unified world, a single government.

Be it a common enemy like AI or aliens, be it a natural catastrophe like global warming or worldwide earthquakes, be it a world war that lead to a massive nuclear holocaust or a biological war, be it anything. But it was on a global scale and it destroyed the world. The result was a single unified government or a company running the whole world.

Is this break down of global economy pointing in that direction?

I know I am wrong but I could be right.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend Adventure: Doing the Thing

Gman and Vanny are sitting quietly in there rooms on what looks like a dull Saturday evening.

Vanny: I am bored. Let's do something, I can't sit here anymore.
Gman: Great! Where do you wanna go?
Vanny: Let's eat outside.
Gman: Ok, where?
Vanny: I don't know I am not hungry.
Gman: We can go to the coffee shop.
Vanny: Nah! I don't feel drinking coffee or something.
Gman: Let's go to the movies then.
Vanny: No! It's against my principals to go to a theater.
Gman: Rent a movie?
Vanny: Nah! Same thing.
Gman: Let's go to the mall.
Vanny: I don't like the malls. They are boring.
Gman: Ok, let's watch t.v.
Vanny: That's boring too.
Gman: Let's go out for a walk in the park then?
Vanny: No, it is too polluted outside.
Gman: Wanna switch places?
Vanny: No way. your part of the room is so untidy.
Vanny: Why is life so stressful? Why O why?
Gman: Let's go to the roof and I'll give a nudge from the edge.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Karaoke Adventure

When the legendary singer Tansen sang in the courts of Akbar the Great; at first all the lamps got lit, there was light, and then came the rain and all the lamps were off. The rain however continued until every one in the king's court was drowned and dead.

Well, all I mean is that I can do better than Tansen.

Check out the latest Gman adventure - Karaoke recordings. Prepared to be blown? Click the link below: