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Saachi's 1st Solid Food

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1st Five Months

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September 16th 2011

Sep-15th :
Debbie was slightly more restless than usual nights. She woke me up a few times to massage her back and I tried my best to fight the sleep and you know "be there" for my wifey.


4:30 ~ 5:00 AM : Anyway, after a restless night Debbie fell asleep at may be around 4:30 ~ 5:00 AM. It's a pretty standard  time when people suffering from pain usually go to sleep (even without pain killer meds). You can quote me on this - No matter how much severe the pain is the patient will always fall asleep by early morning. I guess around this time the brains puts sleep on the top of it's issues to address. Anyway coming back to the story. So the next morning, i.e. Sep-16th, I had to go to the bank for some office work and so anyway I was going late to office.

9:00 AM : Since Debbie was only able to go off to sleep by early morning only, I didn't wake her up until around 9AM. I think I made nice breakfast also that morning.. :) Debbie asked me not to go to office that day. So I just went to the bank and came back home. Also made a pit stop at Road Transport Office to submit my application form for a Permanent Driving License.  I think around this time Uma Di called to just check and asked me if we've already prepared the baby and mommy bag for the hospital. I told her that we are planning to do so this coming Saturday. As usually she got really mad and scolded me, so I told her that I'll do it today itself.

11:00 AM : When I reached home, Debbie was pretty uncomfortable and was almost not able to rest in one place. She was pacing up and down. I was massaging her back but there wasn't much relief. She was doing some breathing exercises but I guess by this time the pains were not very regular, although intense. This continued for an hour or so..

12:00 ish PM: I asked her to take the pain killer meds that the doctor had given to test if it's an actual labour pain. You see, a pregnant woman can experience false labour pain towards the end of her pregnancy but these pain subside by taking these pain meds. but if they don't subside then that means that these are real labour pains. So Debbie took the meds and the pains did not subside. But we were still sure that this weren't the real labour pain. Because that pain makes the woman go crazy but Debbie was managing pretty well till now.

Sep-16th, 3:00 PM : <But before that flashback>

Sep-3rd :
We came to know that our baby is in breech position, which meant in today's scenario a 100% caesarian. No doctor goes for a normal delivery these days in a breech condition. After we came to know that our baby is in breech, we were pretty upset. I mean after all the efforts we did to make sure that we get a normal delivery the baby was in breech position. (At that point of time I thought that God is teaching us a lesson on arrogance - Anyway long story). So after we came to know about baby's condition we decided that we'll still do our best - with all the possible exercises etc. and then just may be 3-4 days before the expected date (which was 23rd Sep) do a final ultrasound and then decide whether to go for Caesarian or not. So we told the doctor that we will confirm about the caesarian in our next scheduled appointment i.e. Sep-16th. She was ok with it.

Now, since the context is more clear..

2:00 PM : So, Debbie was still in pain, even after the pills and we were still convinced that this is false labour. Since, I had taken leave, we decided to get the ultrasound done and if the baby is still in breech position get the caesarian done on the next day. We reach the clinic, got the ultrasound done and found the not only was the baby still breech but now it also had umbilical cord around its neck. The clinic doctor advised that since the baby is full term and fully developed there is no point in delaying further. I told that we've decided that if the breech we'll get the operation done tomorrow. She said that it's a very good idea and recommended that I take my pregnant wifey out for a nice dinner tonight and get the caesarian done tomorrow.

4:00 PM : So by now Debbie was in a lot of pain and so we decided to leave for the Hospital for our scheduled appointment but a bit early. And probably get admitted in the night to prepare for tomorrow's operation. But while getting ready Debbie vomited and after this I was a bit worried. So now we also picked up the baby bag that Debbie had prepared after Uma Di's scolding. But we took the bag mainly because we thought we'll get Debbie admitted in the hospital tonight and get the operation done the next day. Around that time I decided to call my mother also telling her about our decision to get Debbie operated on Sep-17th and asked her to come either tonight or next day early morning. I think within 15mins she and my brother were on their way.

5:00 to 7:00 PM : So we got ready at Debbie's pace and left home at 5 PM. The stretch between our home and the hospital is merely 2.5 to 3 kms but we got stuck in a major traffic jam. All the roads were flooded because it had been raining for last 2-3 days and we all know Gurgaon basically becomes Venice when it rains. So heavy rain + peak traffic hour + traffic lights not working (not to mention the lack to civic sense we observe while driving on roads) resulted in a crazy traffic Jam. I think even by 5:45 we hadn't reached South City 1. And the no. of lanes on that two lane road had increased to 8. Debbie was quietly sitting next to me so I thought that her pain has subsided but since she was not talking also, I also knew that all was not well. I found an opening on the other side of the road and took a U-turn. Believe me to take this U-Turn I had to request at least a dozen unrelenting drivers. Almost all of them gave way completely reluctantly, some of them were even pissed. Anyway, we decided to get to Sec-40 market road via gullys in South city. We took a gully which was in terrible shape already but to add to our woes we reached a dead end. So we went back toward the same road and decided to take a by lane to get to the South-city 1 gate crossing and then take the Sec-40 market road. We somehow reached the Sec-40 market road rather quickly but only to encounter an equally bad traffic condition with severe water logging. Anyway, there was no turning back this time so I decided to get into the side of the road that was completely drowned in water (which the other vehicles were avoiding) and thank God to that I covered quite a distance. And thank God to the fact that the invisible road beneath the water was intact. I mean thank God that there were no potholes or any other major damage to the road. So we entered the main road (Arya Samaj Road), I think by 6:30 and thank God that it was pretty empty till Huda City Center round about. Which was also crowded, but not jammed, so finally we reached the hospital by 7:00.

7:00 PM : The minute the doctor saw Debbie she knew that Debbie was in real labour. In fact, the minute we entered the doctors cabin, Debbie, who had been quiet till now, started crying. She was rushed to the labour room as I started signing related papers in the reception hall.

7:30 to 8:30 PM : Mom, Sifty, Uma Di, Arun & Anupa arrived and all of us were just waiting anxiously to hear just one news - whether it's a Boy or a Girl. We had already finalized the name for a baby boy but never got to a consensus for a girl baby name. Around that time, as I was updating my college gang, I received an sms from Kanu proposing the name 'Sanvi' if we have a girl baby. Although I like the name but because Sanvi means goddess of wealth, I didn't want to use it. This lead me Sanchi and Sachi. I asked Arun to look up for the exact meaning of these two names because I knew that one of them had a Japanese origin and the other didn't. Meanwhile, as Arun was googling for the meaning for the two words, my mom asked me to get baby and mommy bags from the car, as we might need to clothe the baby as soon as it arrives. So, I went to the parking and on the way back I saw Victor Uncle also.

8:35 PM : The minute I arrived on the maternity ward, everybody who had come started congratulating me. It was a Boy!!! 1st among those, I remember was Arun. I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. I, being the father, was allowed entry to the nursery. And as soon as I entered the nursery, my eyes fell on the baby's wee-wee and it wasn't the kind one would expect a boy to have. So I was a bit confused and I thought that may be the wee-wee descends later but I had never read or heard about it so I was not sure what it was and some other things also came into my mind. At this time the attending doctor spoke to me congratulated me for having a Girl baby!!! For a second, I didn't know how to respond to that but I was glad that my biology was ok. :)

Anyway, I came out and told everyone that it's a Girl! \o/