Saturday, June 30, 2007

I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect

this may kinda contradict what i've said earlier (depends on your perspective actually)

Well you see i’ve always wanted perfect things..

But i've learned something and I’ve learned this the hard way, Life is all about not knowing, having to change (all the time). Life’s about ceasing that one moment and making the best of it. Without knowing what is going to happen next. That the essence of life, meaningless and out of control, I mean the big picture is never-ever clear! Koi kare toh kya kare?

Atleast its out of my control.

All we can do is: do what the moment asks us to do and then hope for the best.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Love that was never meant to be

One of my critical observation about relationships is that they if they aren't natural you can't sustain them. I mean you cannot impose a relationship on to someone, atleast not for very long. Consider the follwing scenario

You meet someone,
You liked what you saw,
You went out,
You were a little disappointed but you give the benefit of doubt, coz it was the first time and people need time to open up.
You start calling, sms’ing and meet more often….

And then comes the promises... blah blah.. and we start thinking that we are in "love"

(com'on.. what's going on.. why's everyone falling in love)

six months back a couple moved in next door Apoorva and Nisha, both in TCS, just 10 minutes of friendly chit-chat and it was clear that its a love marriage. Every thing then looked fine, rosy, but now?

The guy is always on the tv and the girl, well i haven't seen her for a while.. I think she's gone, back home. I didn't really bother to get into the details, i mean why should i, anyway?

All i want to say here is-

Do we fall in love with the concept of love instead of actually falling in love with the other person?

i want to ask a question here before i end this:
How many of us during a date, or after it, cannot wait to go back and tell our friends about this person we just dated. No matter how awful the date was.

I think that's the litmus test of our relationship.