Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It's Raining Babies coming Sep-2011

Time for some updates. Little did we know that this day will come so soon. But anyway, it happened and now junior-G is on the way.

But also interesting to note is the forecast for the month of Sep this year. It will be a monsoon of babies.
Two of my close friend's wife's are also pregnant. So in summary (based on information available so far).

Vshall - 15-Sep
Rwind - 25-Sep
G-Man - 27-Sep

by God ki kasam this Sep is a busy month for DBF-G.

I am thinking that all of us guys can open a To-Be-Father's-in-Sep Club and we can meet up weekly at beer bars or strip clubs.. you know to drown our sorrows and pain. :) just kidding.