Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No More Movie Reviews

In my last post I got tricked into writing a movie review. Suffice to say that the hoopla that the movie and it's subsequent Oscar glory created was simply irresistible. I am going through a period of drought in terms of having creative ideas for the blog, so this time I am trying something completely different. Here are the 10 random things that I have in my mind right now:

  1. I think it’s possible to believe in something and still fail to live up to it. A situation that I most often find myself in.
  2. Buono Kamachi is the first Japanese abusive word that I have learned. I must mention that it's quiet creative. But I won't disclose it's meaning. About the usage - well it's used in an "all show-no go" situation.
  3. Hardest thing to do is to keep posting on this blog.
  4. If I ever make a movie based on this blog. The following are some possible titles: (special appreciation to Vishal for the suggestions)
    • Janakpuri to Japan
    • Gman Returns
    • The G Knight
    • The Curious Case of Gman
    • Gman/Nixon
    • Taare G-meen Par
    • Gman- The Last Stand
    • Xmen Origins- Gman
  5. In this life conflict is unavoidable. You will do well if you are
    • Physically strong or
    • A good runner or
    • The boss
      If you are neither of the above keep your mouth shut.
  6. I am a quiet person.
  7. For any given problem the best solution is always the simplest one. And only real geniuses can provide the most simplest solutions. One of the reasons I believe in Jesus, because he is the simplest solution to all our questions about life. And of course God is the ultimate genius.
  8. One word to describe myself: Single :)
  9. You don’t have to be sad to write a sad song, you don’t have to be in love to write a love song.
  10. The purpose of this life is not to save the world but to get saved.

There you go, 10 random thoughts. Much of it might not make sense, anyway. And yes! I might write another movie review, if it's worth it.