Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last week I was on a business trip. Went to Osaka, Nishi Akashi and Hamamatsu. These cities are south of Tokyo towards the west Nishi Akashi being the last city in that particular direction.

The summer are over in Japan and the autumn has already begun. The weather is fantastic and reaches a maximum of 20degs in the day.

I'm moving to Hamamatsu soon, probably by the end of this month. Hamamatsu is called the music city as it has the headquarters of Yamaha Music Company. The presence of Yamaha Music Company can be felt the minute you step out of Shinkansen at Hamamatsu station. There's a beautiful jet black grand acoustic piano on display at the station and you are invited to play if you know how to. Just come outside the station and after about 5 minutes walk you can see a grand concert hall. I still haven't explored the city but I'm pretty excited already.

Another thing that you see at the station, just opposite the piano on the other side of the corridor, is the display of Suzuki's super sports motorcycles or the latest car launched by Suzuki. I think you already know what I'm about to say next. Suzuki Motor Corporation's Headquarter is also in Hamamatsu. Although there is no display of Yamaha motorcycles but Yamaha Motor Corporation's headquarter is also in Hamamatsu.

The atmosphere in Hamamatsu is pretty cool, you can feel the music in the air. I'm glad that I'll get a break from the maddening rush of Tokyo. Looking forward for my stay in Hamamatsu.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Love Story - Part 2

Gman: Hey DCat! I had to ask you something.
Dcat: Ok shoot.


Dcat: (Screaming) NO!! I meant ask what you had to.
Gman: Oh! you better be careful with your words Dcat Ok
Dcat: (Phew) Ok.
Gman: Anyway, I just wanted to ask you about the picnic last Sunday. I hope you had fun.
Dcat: Well yeah! on one hand I had really had fun but on the other hand I was bored to death.
Gman: Oh! so you were multitasking huh! cool.
Dcat: No! I mean, I met so many new people so that was fun but it would've been better if there were a few friends. And you were busy running and jumping around with others.
Gman: I didn't know you were missing me so much. How about we hang out sometime tomorrow evening?
Dcat: Are you asking me out on a date?
Gman: Not exactly!! I got a new g-mobile and I wanted to show off.
Dcat: Ok!! let me see what you've got. See you tomorrow.


Dcat (to herself, while jumping on the bed): Yipppeee!!!


Dcat: Guess what? I am going out on a date with Gman tomorrow. Yippeee!!
Rtini: Way to go girl!

to be continued...

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Urban Guy

I always feel that I am lucky that I grew up in Delhi. Apart from good opportunities in terms of career, I think the atmosphere in Delhi taught me to be tolerant and open minded. During my growing years I learned to respect other cultures, opinions and most of all respect for an individual irrespective of caste, color or sex (Thanks to good schooling and progressive parenting).

So, I don't think that it's too much to expect that the people who have grown up with me in Delhi under similar circumstances, who have done their schooling from similar schools and who have well educated parents to be more or less like me when it comes to basic character and ethics.

Below is an abstract from a recent chat I had with an old acquaintance:

(We were talking about marriage in this part)

Me: tere end pe kya scene chal raha hai?
Urban: yaar kaam settle ho gaya to definitely next year
Me: sounds right vese bhi i guess 27-28 is the appropriate age i guess
Urban: dont know yaaaar i tell u one funda... :) girls are like fruits... first lot market mein aata hai 18-22 saal ka lucky guys get that fresh ripen lot
Me: then?
Urban: then second lot aata hai 23-26 saal ka usually used or smthg but still manageable phir aata hai last lot 27 - 30 saal ki ladkiyoon ka rarely good piece in the cart if u get one u r lucky otherwise accept it and move on :)
Me: OMG! Gurudev..
Urban: hehehe funde :)
Me: i don't have time for this rt now bt someday i'll love to know what exctly do u mean by "GOOD LOT" or if u can explain inshort
Urban: nothing for it good lot means good looking, fresh, .... etc etc just imagine a mango cart :) in mng, afternoon and eve
Me: u r treating girls like commodity man.. not the right approach . to find someone with whom u plan to spend rest of ur life with
Urban: lol.. not treating dude.. drawing analogy big diff the thing was.. that its better to find one by 26 otherwise difficult later on u took it in wrong sense LOL

After this I didn't feel like talking to him about this subject and digressed.

Urban is a guy of my age, grew up in Delhi, lives in one of the top residential location in Delhi, has done his schooling from a good school, is a shrewd fellow and has a successful career but I feel sorry to know him and I feel sorry for the mango he'll get married to.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Random Thoughts and Scribbles

Sometimes I feel guilty for not posting on this blog on a regular basis. I guess one of the reason is that I try to put what I think are my best ideas and thoughts, things that make sense and meaning, are complete, and if all of the above are in order then I need time to give words to those ideas so that every thing looks good.

All this has ultimately resulted in a nearly dead blog. But I can assure you that this blog is anything but dead, I'm always thinking about it, it's just a lot of stuff ends up just as a mere idea in my head or a scribble in the writer and saved as a draft. So, most of the time when I have a good idea either it's incomplete or it's not making much sense or I don't find enough time to put it in decent words.

I've decided to turn things around a bit and put those raw ideas into incomplete stories. Random thoughts even though they may sound stupid or ridiculous, things that come into my head, reflections, mental notes that I make while waiting for the train or while walking across a road intersection or while shopping. Things that I've learned, things that made me say Ahh!, perspectives, opinions, and many more things.

Just think that I'll be writing this to a friend to whom I just wish to say - I wish you were here.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Asakusa Samba Carnival 2009

Samba Festival