Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Valentine/White Day

I should've posted this last month, as it would've been more appropriate then, but anyway here it is.

One more thing, I don't want to make my blog some sort of information center about Japan so this will, hopefully, be my last post about Japan. Unless, of course, I find something strange about Japan, again. About this White-Valentine... one of the reasons I am posting this is that I want to spread the word across. And I hope my girlfriend will read this. :)

Valentine's in Japan is a totally different than that of any other country across the globe. On Feb. 14 girls buy gifts and tons of chocolates for their male friends, co-workers and bosses. Yes, this is the day for men in Japan, not for women. Girls of course buy chocolate (or gifts) for their special loved ones too. These are more expensive gifts and very special chocolates. While Giri-chocolate is for everyone else and Honmei-Chocolate is only for a serious love.

Isn't Japan great? Nope, now the sad part of the story...

To balance the gift giving, another holiday called White Day is celebrated exactly after one month - March, 14th. On White Day, men return the favor. Gifts from the men can be chocolate too but as we all know Japanese men are real pervs. so sometimes they give lingerie too. And these are not Honmei guys, these are just Giri guys. Just imagine what Honmei guys must be giving back to their Honmei girls? ;)

By the way, in Japan both Valentines Day and White Day are Holidays! I'm serious guys.