Monday, August 06, 2007

Hold on...

I remember the day I scored exceedingly well in my 10th board exams and was offered science in my school, Yay!!

But hold on, getting into science isn’t what I wanted to achieve, class 11 and 12 is a tough battle in itself and I want to get into an IIT or a medical school to be labeled successful. So I started slogging in class 11 and continued in class 12 as well, without much success, with modest scores in board exams and unable to clear any entrance exams that year I was labeled a failure! But I did not loose hope and decided to keep on slogging. Two more years it took for me to clear an engineering entrance exam and get into a reputed engineering college, Yay!!

But hold on, there’s no guarantee that this reputed college will propel me to success. I still need to work hard and score well to get a job. So I started working towards this goal, to get a job i.e., and eventually towards the completion of my 4 year long degree I had not one but two jobs. Yay!!

But hold on, getting into a job right after I complete my graduation isn’t what success is. I need to work hard and prove that I am the best here. So I started slogging again sitting late in the nights, right from my initial days when other new campus joinees were making merry at their homes. Another year passed by and I was awarded the best new campus joinee and was rated outstanding. Yay!!

But hold on, one successful year isn’t enough. I need lots more. So another year of hard work began and this time I slogged even harder. I got new businesses for the company and am now going to a foreign land to establish its base there. Yay!!

But hold on...