Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last week I was on a business trip. Went to Osaka, Nishi Akashi and Hamamatsu. These cities are south of Tokyo towards the west Nishi Akashi being the last city in that particular direction.

The summer are over in Japan and the autumn has already begun. The weather is fantastic and reaches a maximum of 20degs in the day.

I'm moving to Hamamatsu soon, probably by the end of this month. Hamamatsu is called the music city as it has the headquarters of Yamaha Music Company. The presence of Yamaha Music Company can be felt the minute you step out of Shinkansen at Hamamatsu station. There's a beautiful jet black grand acoustic piano on display at the station and you are invited to play if you know how to. Just come outside the station and after about 5 minutes walk you can see a grand concert hall. I still haven't explored the city but I'm pretty excited already.

Another thing that you see at the station, just opposite the piano on the other side of the corridor, is the display of Suzuki's super sports motorcycles or the latest car launched by Suzuki. I think you already know what I'm about to say next. Suzuki Motor Corporation's Headquarter is also in Hamamatsu. Although there is no display of Yamaha motorcycles but Yamaha Motor Corporation's headquarter is also in Hamamatsu.

The atmosphere in Hamamatsu is pretty cool, you can feel the music in the air. I'm glad that I'll get a break from the maddening rush of Tokyo. Looking forward for my stay in Hamamatsu.