Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is 100

It started in June 2007 and 3 years and 6 months later on the December of 2010 it is 100 posts old. Well let's see what happened in this period.

This blog account was actually opened much much before I wrote my 1st blog post. Sarah Salins opened an account in Dec-2005 and edged me to open one too. Sarah has been married for over two year now and her blog is dead.

Dec-2007, First visit to Japan
Feb-2008, Barny got married.
Apr-2008, Permanently shifted to Japan
Aug-2009, Arvind got married.
Nov-2009, Buvana got married.

The Shoppers Stop
Well I guess Debbie and I can differ about the moment, or the day, when our relationship actually started but since Debbie doesn't write this blog, you get to hear only my side of the story. So we met in the church youth meeting at Salom Hills School in Gurgaon. In fact I and Barny use to pickup people who didn't have the means to come to the meeting. So we were suppose to pickup Bhanu, and Barbarra and her room-mate aka my wife. I said "Hi" to Debbie. Debbie will say that I didn't but I'm sure I did. That was our "first ever" meeting. This was sometime in the summer of 2007. Things moved on we met occasionally in the church, in youth meetings but the next singnificant meeting took place in Dec that year. At this time I was shopping for my trip to Japan. I had asked Bhanu to accompany me while I shop but at this point I don't exactly remember how Debbie ended up showing up that day. May be I only had invited her. I hope she doesn't kill me after reading this, but honey I as I said, I don't remember. Anyway, I bought loads of stuff... oops... I shouldn't say "bought" at this point, I picked up loads of stuff and arrived at the checkout counter and voila my credit card was not working and I had no cash in hand. Oh poor me!! dude in distress.. enter Debbie to the rescue she paid my bill and saved me from the humiliation. She saved the day. Later, I dropped her home that night and promised that I will return back her money the very next day.

No I didn't run away with her money, in fact I met her the very next day with the sole intention of giving back her cash. As it turned out, I had buy a suit as well so I asked her to accompany me to the mall. I was expecting the suit shopping to be over in 30 minutes and then adios... ta-ta..good bye.. but the suit that I bought needed to be altered and the shopkeeper promised that his tailor wouldn't take more that 10 minutes but he took more that 2 hours or so. So what was supposed to be a "Hi... thank you .. here's your money.. bye..see you around.." meeting turned out to be "lets have coffee..." I mean it became a date. And that's the beginning of our relationship.

No I'm not implying that that was the day I decided to marry her or I knew that she was the one or anything lovey-dovey like that.. but that was the "kick-off" of ,God only knew at that time, of a life long relationship.

Rest of the story... well may be later.


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also Nov-2010 : I got married ;)