Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It was Christmas in Tokyo this year

This was our 1st ever Christmas together. The day started with the morning worship service at Tokyo Union Church in Ometosando and the rest of the day was spent just roaming around together.
 The Church is located in one of the most prime spots in Tokyo. On its left is the show room of Louis Vuitton and on the right Armani. The street itself has the showrooms of probably all the designer labels I have ever heard of…

Ometosando dori is famous of its autumn trees although we couldn’t take pictures of the autumn trees but the street right now is illuminated by hundreds of lights in the night which too was a sight to see.


Window shopping at the designer street was a delight. Probably someday we will have enough money to buy stuff from these stores. Anyway, moving forward… apart from the glitter on the street and the beautifully decorated shops the Christmas trees caught our attention.

We too decorated our own Christmas tree and when I say we, I mean Debbie. She did all the hard work while I happily slept in the night.

We are looking forward for the New year now…
Personally speaking it was the best Christmas ever.


trisha 4:57 PM  

....Merry Xmas....:)....

gau mau 4:02 AM  

hey tripti!! merry christmas to you too.. and happy new year as well... :)