Sunday, August 08, 2010

It's OK

After a very long time the poet in me woke up. Just a few seconds before I woke up this morning I had a dream that I was singing in a church. Actually, I was singing only the "it's OK" part again and again with "coz you are there" tossed in occasionally. Obviously it must have been the chorus. So the first stanza of the song has been composed in my complete consciousness. And therefore sounds a bit of a cliche but it's OK as long as it is my own composition. Well, I think I'll try to complete the song and make it more deep and meaningful. But right now I must brush my teeth. :)

It's OK

My heart can sing
in you o Lord,
My life is true
with you o Lord,
And even though
I fail and fall
at every single step

coz when you are in my life 

It's OK (repeat several times)
coz you are there....


gau mau 9:29 AM  

in the dream this song was so awesome...almost at par with casting crowns or hillsong..but now it looks horrible.. :(

gau mau 9:30 AM  

but anyway it's ok... (pun intended)