Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventure in Summer Vacations - Disney

So last week was summer vacation in Japan. Yes, we get summer vacations here!! and winter vacations and spring vacations too... mwaha ha ha haa....

Anyway, I had a pretty good time and got to do things and visit places that I always wanted to. One of the main items in my to-do list, for a long time, was to visit Disney Land in Tokyo. Well actually, visiting Disney Land was my childhood dream. So I now strike-off visit to Disney Land from my Bucket-List. And for people like me who love a good bargain I got to see Disney Sea as well. You see unlike other cities, Tokyo has an equally awesome Disney Sea amusement park as well.

Here are a few moments captured on camera.

The rides were fun but I think they have been made keeping the kids in mind. The roller coasters & the free falls were not really as scary as the ones in sea paradise (look out for other blog post on sea paradise) but then Disney is not about scaring the people. It is about fun and wonder. Every ride, every coaster and free fall had an amazing story and an amazing set to back-up the story. Designed to perfection taking care of every minute details. Just spectacular.