Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventure in Summer Vacations - Sea Paradise

I did perhaps the most darest acts I have ever done - A non-stop free-fall ride from 108mts. And considering the fact that the world's tallest free-fall ride is 120mts, it was a personal landmark for me. And I think, Arvind would know what I'm talking about. But what Arvind doesn't know is the feeling that creeps in when you are at 108mts high and ready to be dropped at any moment. What's more terrifying is the fact that they've made the seats in such a way that you don't see anything other than the sky above and the sea below. Yes, you can't even see the ground and your feet are just hanging in the air. No footrest at all. Further, to add to the terror, the music in the background is nothing but pure horror. It's the sound of a rapidly pounding heart... dhak dhak.. dhak dhak.. the tempo of the heartbeat keeps on increasing till you reache the top. Then there is a moment of silence, and that sinking feeling of the inevitable creeps in. But you don't fall for another moment or so instead they linger you on for that little bit longer. Long enough to confuse your nerves - whether to be calm or not. And just when you think you have an opportunity to scream and bail out there is a sound of a scream and the free-fall. You can check out the free-fall ride video (not taken by me).

There's another adventure here. The roller coaster at hakkeijima sea-paradise. I must reveal a little secret, I wasn't really scared when I boarded the roller coaster, I mean not as scared as I stepped on to the free-fall (At free-fall I was about to piss in my pants type scared) but at the coaster I was a bit more relaxed and confident. But the moment it started dropping and turning, I screamed... I screamed out my lungs on the roller coaster. On the other hand at free-fall, I was pretty OK after the bloody thing was on it's way down. I mean, right at the moment of fall I was scared as hell but during the ride I was OK. Although I did feel a little buzz in my head after the free-fall was over.

Here's another video of the roller-coaster.

I guess the next obvious adventures in my to-do list are
a. Bungee-jumping and
b. Skydiving

woohoo.. I can already feel the adrenaline rush...

Here are some pictures from Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea paradise.

O yes! I forgot to tell you that the main attractions of Sea Paradise are not the rides but an amazing aquarium and a wonderful dolphin show.