Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Step Closer to Economic Equilibrium

I couldn't have found a better background score for this post. Just play before you read.

Tyler Durden: 3 minutes. This is it, ground zero. Would you like to say anything to mark the occasion?
It's getting exciting now. Two and a half.
Think of everything we've accomplished man.
Out of these windows we will view the collapse of the entire Financial Industry.
One step closer to economic equilibrium.

Arguably capitalism is the best social-economic structure of society that mankind ever developed. Its basic essence being that it is ever changing and evolving but gives no second chance. An arena where cut-throat is good and those who cannot adapt themselves to its ever evolving character are eliminated.

Here we are now - at the brink of an evolutionary breakthrough in the world of capitalism, as we know it. In a span of less that 6 months, the entire Financial Industry, the very soul of capitalism, is on its knees and is begging for help. There is no single victim here, the cataclysmic effect of this downturn has had victims on a global scale. And as the governments of the world put there heads to end the problem it might just be the end unilateralism as well.

The modern model of capitalism has failed along with various other models of communism and of totalitarianism and definitely anarchism has never been a solution to our problems. Why then are we holding on to capitalism?

It's time to move on, it's time to look into the future with fresh perspective, new ideas and a desire to change. We must consider this event as an opportunity to think about a new world and build it on virtues that have, perhaps, long being forgotten - kindness, selflessness, humility, compassion, intelligence and love.

It's time to wipe the slate clean and give everyone a fresh start.