Friday, November 28, 2008

The Christmas Story - Part 1

Gman: This is total bakwaas man. Christmas ain't for us. It's for kids man with santa and all. So why are we here auditioning for this christmas skit man?
Vanny: Shut-up man! I am thinking of getting into Hollywood and this skit is gonna be my first "big break".
Gman: What are you talking about man? Let's go to the mall and check out some hot chicks.
Vanny: It ain't a small thing man, it's Christmas man Christmas.
Gman: but but but.. vanny it's a beautiful night and the girls ain't gonna wait for us. You are breaking ma heart bro.
Vanny: Shut-up man! I just wish we get a part in it. Every character in the story has a very important role to play.
Gman: Like what?
Vanny: Like the sheperds and the angels.
Gman: What about them?
Vanny: You don't know nothing about the sheperds and the angels do you? You buddhu! Listen, sheperds are pretty cool folks and they have like hundreds and hundreds of sheep and they can control all of 'em with a small flute and they have huge muscles.
and the angels, they wear silky robes and they have wings and they can fly anywhere man also they are very pretty.
Gman: Surely, you ain't gonna become anyone of those man you ain't pretty or have huge muscles! but it sounds pretty cool. 
Vanny: Kiss my chaddi man! I ain't gonna say anything to you now.
Gman: Oh man come-on I was just joking. what about the other characters?
Vanny: You better be careful man. You are talking to the next Tom Cruise. Anyway, the story also has 3 wise-men. These guys were like the computer geeks of our times and they were very rich. They could read the stars in the sky and travelled to lands far-far away.
Gman: Wo wo wo!! That's what ma mum wants me to become. smart-rich-and out of her sight. 
Vanny: Do you what it takes to be smart and rich
Gman: No, wha?
Vanny: Brains! you buddhu.
Gman: Oh man! I want to play wise men. Let's play the wise men.
Vanny: Cha! I ain't playing no wise man or the sheperds or the angels.
Gman: What are you talking about man?
Vanny: You see Paddy is playing Mary man so naturally I'll be playing Joseph, you know what I mean. (Wink-wink)
Gman: Oh man! I don't wanna be playing the three wise man all on my own.

To be continued...