Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend Adventure: Doing the Thing

Gman and Vanny are sitting quietly in there rooms on what looks like a dull Saturday evening.

Vanny: I am bored. Let's do something, I can't sit here anymore.
Gman: Great! Where do you wanna go?
Vanny: Let's eat outside.
Gman: Ok, where?
Vanny: I don't know I am not hungry.
Gman: We can go to the coffee shop.
Vanny: Nah! I don't feel drinking coffee or something.
Gman: Let's go to the movies then.
Vanny: No! It's against my principals to go to a theater.
Gman: Rent a movie?
Vanny: Nah! Same thing.
Gman: Let's go to the mall.
Vanny: I don't like the malls. They are boring.
Gman: Ok, let's watch t.v.
Vanny: That's boring too.
Gman: Let's go out for a walk in the park then?
Vanny: No, it is too polluted outside.
Gman: Wanna switch places?
Vanny: No way. your part of the room is so untidy.
Vanny: Why is life so stressful? Why O why?
Gman: Let's go to the roof and I'll give a nudge from the edge.


Siddharth 11:13 PM  

LoLZzzzz gr8.... you are v.funny!! *sometimes :-p