Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Prophecy

The global economy is in a horrible shape. This is no longer a news to anyone, anymore. Everyone is making predictions about the future. So will I. Here is my take on the future -

Do you remember those sci-fi movies where the protagonist suddenly realizes the truth, or wakes up from a coma or is enlightened suddenly about the reality in some way or the other only to find out that the world, as he knew it, does not exist anymore. There was some event that lead to a unified world, a single government.

Be it a common enemy like AI or aliens, be it a natural catastrophe like global warming or worldwide earthquakes, be it a world war that lead to a massive nuclear holocaust or a biological war, be it anything. But it was on a global scale and it destroyed the world. The result was a single unified government or a company running the whole world.

Is this break down of global economy pointing in that direction?

I know I am wrong but I could be right.


Anonymous 10:05 PM  


you look like the guy i just saw in the movie..Fast and Furious-the tokyo drift..i looved it..

gau mau 5:56 PM  

I better watch this flick. Thanks for posting a comment. i hope you enjoyed the blog.