Friday, October 15, 2010


Here's an interesting business idea. Let's see if someone can pick it up and make some money out of it. I'll lay down the idea in a systematic form.

Let's give our company a name say Tele-translator.

Service it will provide - Language Translation on phone

Need for this kind of service - Let's talk about people like me who have to meet with people that don't speak the same language. Now, it may be easy to find a translator but it's not cheap to have him when you are travelling abroad.

How it will work - This service will be on phone. Say you are an Indian and have a meeting with a Japanese guy, in Japan, but you don't know the language and you didn't hire a translator. You reach the meeting spot and as the meeting starts you realize that there is no way you can have a productive meeting because of the language barrier. You dial tele-translator, put your phone on speaker mode and have the meeting.

How to pay - I could think of two options:

1. You can become a member and dial a toll free no. or
2. A non-member can dial a hotline no. where he or she can be charged on per minute basis.

Any takers?