Monday, September 06, 2010

Random Thought

A few days back one of my friends shared a video on facebook. Have a look at it :

This is a time lapse video of the Perseids meteor shower that was visible in Tokyo around the same time last month. Also before I dwell in the philosopy check out this video as well.

These are just a few examples of the both discovered and undiscovered wonders of the universe that can be seen from our planet. Over the last century our technology has enabled us to witness and understand much more. And as our equipment improves - which it has and will- we will, no doubt, be even more astonished by what we get to see and understand.

But I've realised that man can't really understand the universe, we only observe and make notes of patterns. I mean we only understand the patterns. Even the greatest mind of our civilization Einstein was looking for a common pattern in everything. But we all know that he failed to figure out that pattern. May be towards the end he realized that a thing so vast and so complex cannot be weaved into a single theory. It's like an ant trying to understand the purpose of an aircraft.

Some of us on the other hand think that everything is for us. Even-though we don't even know what that "everything" comprises of, again it's like an ant thinking that the aircraft was made for it.

The ant can never comprehend the aircraft nor the aircraft was made for it.

I guess may be sometimes we should take a step behind, relax an enjoy this amazing ride.