Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Homecoming Part 2

continuing from where I had left a few days back...

6. Church: Thanks to Arvind, Karisa and their friend Jessy, for a brief period of time, I had good fellowship in a small church. The service was almost similar in structure to which I was accustomed to back in India. The people were very friendly, the atmosphere in the church was very warm and cozy and I did make a few friends there but unfortunately I didn't attend the church regularly enough and when after a gap of about 6 months I went there they had moved from there location. They should have updated their website at-least but they didn't and so I lost them. Later I started attending another church but it was more of a rock club called Committed Japan with Bible on the menu. There Sunday service was held in a coffee shop called Kick-Back Cafe (Sounds rocking! doesn't it? No, it's not.)

7. Autumn: To me autumn is much more beautiful than spring or sakura (in Japanese). Unfortunately I don't have autumn pictures to share right now. My current residence (notice the usage of word 'residence' and not 'home') in Sailer Komatsugawa (Higashiojima Metro Station) is located very close to Arakawa river and Nakagawa water canal. Arakawa has a very famous (and by famous I mean - It's a tourist attraction during spring season) Sakura tree belt on its banks whereas Nakagawa has clusters of Autumn trees on its banks (not famous). The scenic beauty of the trees on the banks Nakagawa in Autumn is beyond comparison with the what Arakawa has on offer during spring.

I always firmly believe that memories are not about places, it's about people and the experiences that you get to share with them. For me, unfortunately, Japan has been more like a place where I got to spent 2 years of my life but didn't get to share the experience. Anyway, it'll be over soon.


Debbie 2:29 AM  

i think you should post one that says the final homecoming or something like that :)

gau mau 7:28 PM  

certainly my love.. :)