Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christmas Story - Part 2


Vanny: Sush !! I think the results of the auditions are out.
Bindu: No the result aren't out, but i was just listening to you two nitwits and had no choice but to come. You two know absolutely nothing about christmas.
Gman: What is she talking about bindu? that's all there is to chistmas - a couple of hunks, a few flying angles , a bunch of smart guys, a dude called Joseph and his wife Mary and a cute baby Jesus.
Bindu: No you idiots. this is not the story of christmas, it's not about the dudes or the hunks or the angles or the smart guys. It's all about the little baby that was born that night.
Gman: Wo!! sister you ain't gonna tell us that that little kid is the centre of the entire story.
Bindu: Yes it is. Christmas is the story of the birth little baby called Jesus.
Vanny: You mean Christmas is a big birthday party?
Bindu: Christmas is a reminder to the world that the massiah, the saviour was born on that particular night. While the whole world was sleeping a giant star rose and lit up the night, while the whole world was lying in the dark an everlasting light had shone.
Gman/Vanny: Ohhhhh!! But what about the angles, the sheperds and the wise-men?
Bindu: Do you what happens when a king is born?
Gman/Vanny: Well I guess, every-one in his empire celerates, people bring him presents and bow down at his feet.
Bindu: Exactly. For that night a king was born in a manger. As the son a poor carpenter, but the whole creation rejoiced and celebrated his birth. From the ordinary sheperds and the wise men on earth to the angels in heaven above. That's the story of Chirstmas.
The celebration of the birth of an everlasting light, the birth of a king, the birth of a saviour.
Gman: I wanna play Jesus


Abal: Alright, alright! it's out everyone. The casting for the play is as follows: Paddy you will be playing mary. 

Vanny: Yo! paddy

Abal: Joseph will be played by (ahem) me. The three wise men are Rian, Shasha and Gaumau. The sheperds are Tjay and Vind and the angels are Bjam, Dcat and Bindu

Vanny/Gman: Hey! What about us?

Abal: Well I have two spots left for donkeys, if you like?