Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Weekend Adventure:At the shopping mall

The weekend adventure continues...

Gman: Then I went to the shopping mall.
Dcat: What did you buy?
Gman: I have been wearing the same underwear for a while now, so I thought it's time to buy a new underwear. Also Vanny's underwear sucks.
Dcat: The world has been trying to tell you this for a long time.
Gman: I bought the latest design, with latest technology, a top brand and no compromise on cost.
Dcat: I am sure you would've found them.
Gman: Yeah! Look at this, I bought a class one underwear. Best fabric known to man. It's antiperspirant, wrinkle free, smooth as silk and much-much more. Its a whopping 5000 rupees underwear.
Dcat: Then why aren't you wearing it?
Gman: It's not my size.

The weekend adventure will continue...