Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birth of a Super-Hero

This is the tale of a simple boy called G and how he became the Gman:

G: I was sleeping last night and all of a sudden I fell down from my bed and now I have a huge bump on my head.
Dcat: Oh that's awesome. I think that might have given you some superpowers as well.
G: You think I am stupid?
Dcat: No, You think you are stupid and I just agree with you.
G: On second thoughts, I think, I did get some superpowers.
Dcat: I told you so, tell me what you've got?
G: I can listen to people's thoughts.
Dcat: Can you listen to my thoughts right now.
G: Yeah it seems you want coffee.
Dcat: Yeah, and just 2 spoons of sugar.
Gman (to the rescue): Ok

Later that evening.

Vanny: Do you know what I am thinking right now?
Gman: Yeah, call paddy for that.


Barnabas 5:51 PM  

ha ha...
vanny just needs someone to pray with!!
Good job..
and keep up ur efforts to become a millionaire.

gau mau 9:31 AM  

ha ha ha...
right right..
good u understood ;)