Friday, December 14, 2007

Life's Seasons

There are times when life's seasons change without an alarm.

One moment you were with friends and family and in just few hours you are in a strange land. You had your future planned, you thought you were all set, life was spring back home, wonderful, with fragrance of love, with freshness of morning dew on the green grass.

I don't know when the autumn came and went by, I guess I was too much in love with the spring that I thought it would never end. I closed my eyes and began to believe that this would never end.

And suddenly life has changed. I've opened my eyes to a cold-freezing winter. Everything around me that once was so lively, seems dead. What happened to that fresh green grass I was standing on? Where are those beautiful flowers that had filled the air with fragrance?

I'll have to find these answers very soon, I may be able to get my life back before it dies forever.


baap 2:07 PM  

chal 0 se 1 comment kar deta hoon.....i can see ur feeling lonely there, i won't say any words of "consolation" as am like real baad at that + that's not gonna help u anyway (i suppose..!)
khair ye bata how to improve traffic on yer blog.
2nd ye google ad sense ka funda samajh nahi aata ??..ismey koi riks to nahi??!

btw i must say dat ur writing is quite controlled...(dats a compliment stupid!)

abhishek 2:08 PM  

thats me in the first comment (abhishek)wo herogiri mein baap likh diya tha...