Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happiness is...

In the bright blue sky,
After a rainy day.
In the glittering of stars,
on a dark night.

In trembling sound of waves,
at the ocean shore.
In cool breeze,
of the deep valleys.

In making stupid mistakes,
In giving your best, yet again.
In memories of the past,
In dreams of the future.

In the pain of leaving someone,
In the thought of the journey ahead.
In the dry autumn,
In the fresh spring.

In the rush of the day,
In peaceful sleep at night.
In losing things you most treasured,
In finding people you'll never lose

Its in rejection,
Its in approval.
Its here, its there.
Its elusive, its everywhere.


tripti 7:50 PM  

its d candid nd simplistic approach dat's d best part of gman's can actually sense d beauty of honest ..nd ..untampered emotions .....!!!!keep it up...good wrk...

gman 1:39 PM  

thanks :)

arvind 10:50 AM  

wow, gman never ceases to amaze!! wit, tenderness, smarts, honesty - he's got it all!

arvind 10:53 AM  

btw - is that a picture of gman at the top of the page, with the rugged mountains and shining clouds? :)

Anonymous 1:24 PM  

it doesnt rhyme. poetry is supposed to rhyme

KG 3:05 PM  

abe saale ye kya likha hai???????